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Looking for a fast, affordable, and reliable service centre for your Oppo phone in Singapore? From screen and LCD replacement requests to water damage repair, our technical team has got you covered! 

At Mobile Life, we are able to do most Oppo phone repairs in under 60 minutes, with good service, competitive prices, and no hidden fees.


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FIND N3 FLIP Sale priceFrom $168.00 SGD
FIND N2 FLIP Sale priceFrom $158.00 SGD
FIND N3 Sale priceFrom $168.00 SGD
FIND N2 Sale priceFrom $168.00 SGD
A72 Sale priceFrom $30.00 SGD
A54 5G Sale priceFrom $30.00 SGD
RENO 8 PRO PLUS Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
RENO 8 PRO Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
RENO 8T 5G Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
RENO 7 PRO Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
RENO 7 SE Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
RENO 8 Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
RENO 7 Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
RENO 7Z Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
RENO 5Z Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
RENO 6 PRO Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
RENO 5 PRO Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
RENO 6 Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
RENO 5 Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
RENO 4 PRO Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
RENO 3 PRO (Curved Screen) Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
RENO 3 PRO Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
F15 Sale priceFrom $30.00 SGD
A91 Sale priceFrom $30.00 SGD
RENO 2 Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
RENO Z Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
RENO Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
RENO 10X ZOOM Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
R17 PRO Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
R17 Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
R15 PRO Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
R15 Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
R11S PLUS Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
R11S Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
R11 PLUS Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
R11 Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
R9S PLUS Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
R9S Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
R9 PLUS Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
R9 Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
FIND X5 PRO Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
FIND X5 Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
FIND X3 PRO Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
FIND X3 Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
FIND X2 PRO Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
FIND X Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD
A96 4G Sale priceFrom $30.00 SGD
A95 Sale priceFrom $30.00 SGD
A94 5G Sale priceFrom $30.00 SGD
RENO 4 Sale priceFrom $35.00 SGD

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Check out the transformation in our Oppo repairs, highlighting our expert craftsmanship.





Difference Between The Official Oppo Service Centre and Mobile Life

Number of Locations Islandwide

According to the official Oppo service centre website, the 2 authorised Oppo phone service centres are located in central and West Singapore. On the other hand, Mobile Life’s repair centres are conveniently located across 3 heartland locations in Singapore.


Official Oppo Phone Repair Singapore

Mobile Life

Number of Service Centres in Singapore



Outlet Locations

Velocity @ Novena Square



Serangoon Nex

Bishan Junction 8

Nearest MRT

Novena (NS20)

Jurong East (NS1/ EW24)

Queenstown (EW19)

Serangoon (NE12/ CC13)

Bishan (NS17/ CC15)

Available Opening Hours

Compared to the official Oppo phone Repair centre, Mobile Life has longer opening hours and is open every day. 

Additionally, should you experience phone issues and need an Oppo phone repair in the middle of the night, we have a 24/7 Whatsapp hotline to keep downtime and inconvenience to a minimum.

Too busy to head down in person? We offer Oppo Repair delivery services where you can get your mobile phone repaired and delivered to you from the comfort of your home.


Official Oppo Phone Repair Singapore

Mobile Life

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday

11 AM - 7 PM

Closed on Thursdays

Monday - Sunday

10.30 AM - 9.30 PM

Open on Public Holidays

Live Chat Hotline

Whatsapp & Live Chat

Mondays - Saturday

9 AM - 8 PM

Open on Public Holidays

Closed on Sundays

24/7 Whatsapp Hotline

Mondays - Sunday

Open on Public Holidays

Doorstep Delivery Service


Available at a small fee

How Much Does An Oppo Repair Cost?

An Oppo repair in Singapore starts at S$30 and can go up to $350.

Mobile Life’s Oppo phone repair prices are considerably more affordable than other Oppo repair services in Singapore. You can directly find out our repair prices by clicking on your phone model and repair issue.

Since 2009, Mobile Life has offered quality phone repairs to around 150+ third-party mobile repair stores in Singapore. You’ve essentially come to the source of all things phone repair.


Official Oppo Phone Repair Singapore

Mobile Life

Other Third Party Repair Services

Repair Cost

If your Oppo phone does not quality for the warranty period, manual fees apply.This is in addition to the price of parts replacement, which ranges from $5 to $350, depending on the model and parts required.

Starts from $30

Includes a free diagnostic test

Starts from $38


Cancelling a repair service or rejecting the repair will cost $40.

24/7 Whatsapp Hotline

Mondays - Sunday

Open on Public Holidays

Varies according to each service centre

Why Consider Our Oppo Phone Replacement Parts?

Unlock Massive Savings

At Mobile Life, we offer the full lineup of replacement parts for various Oppo phone models. Our Grade A replacement parts ensure performance akin to original Oppo components, providing comparable quality results with a notable 30% reduction in cost. All Oppo phone replacement parts are regularly performance-tested with in-house tools and software.

Ability to Fix Complex Phone Issues

Most phone repair shops in Singapore lack the skills and expertise to repair complex issues such as a damaged motherboard. Not at Mobile Life. Our experienced technicians undergo a rigorous selection process, each having at least 3 years of phone repair expertise. This ensures they are well-equipped to handle even the most challenging issues for your Oppo devices.

Benefits of Choosing Mobile Life for Oppo Repairs 

Same Day Repairs

On average, most Oppo repair services take up to 60 minutes. This varies according to the model and repair scope. Our seasoned technicians will conduct a comprehensive diagnostic assessment before providing a more accurate time estimate for the repair services required.

Transparent Oppo Repair Pricing

No hidden fees or upselling here. All prices are stated on our website for full transparency.  Our technicians will first walk you through our Oppo repair processes and answer any questions you might have. They will then provide a final repair cost before commencing any repair services.

All labour fees are included within the stated price, and diagnostic assessments are free of charge.

All Oppo repairs have a “no repair, no pay” policy. Make payment only after you’ve verified that your phone is working properly, with no recurring problems.

ML100 Guarantee 

Enjoy added assurance and peace of mind with Mobile Life’s quality phone repair services! We offer a 100-day warranty to ensure your Oppo device operates optimally without any persistent issues.

Find out more about our ML100 Guarantee here.

Full Range of Oppo Repair Services in Singapore

From common issues to complex repair services, our Oppo repairs are conducted entirely in-house, ensuring a quick turnaround and minimal downtime of 60 minutes on average. We cover most Oppo phones including the A series, Oppo Reno series, and Oppo R series (including popular models like Oppo R9s and Oppo R17).

All replacement parts are quality tested in-house to ensure they perform comparably to original parts, at a 30% cost reduction.

Oppo Phone repair costs vary according to the complexity, repair scope, and phone model. Kindly use these prices listed as a starting point. Our technicians will only commence repairs after providing you with a full repair cost upfront.

Here are some common Oppo service repairs in Singapore:

  • Oppo Camera Removal
  • Oppo Camera Repair / Replacement
  • Oppo Motherboard Repair / Replacement
  • Oppo Battery Replacement
  • Oppo LCD Replacement
  • Oppo Water Damage Repair
  • Oppo Backglass Replacement
  • Oppo Charging Port Repair

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact our Whatsapp hotline to consult a technician, and we’ll see how we can best assist you.

Oppo Camera Removal

A common request for NS or security reasons, we offer 3 types of camera removal services for Oppo smartphones: Sandblasting, lens covering, and full camera removal. We can remove both front and rear cameras at a single price. No double charge to remove both.

All camera removal procedures comply with the most updated MINDEF requirements. Our technicians are here to remove your camera safely, protecting your LCD screen and other components from scratches, cracks, or burn marks.

As this procedure is irreversible, we highly recommend checking your army camp’s guidelines before reaching out to us.


This involves blurring both the front and back cameras of your phone. We can do this for both new and used Oppo smartphones. Your cameras will remain intact throughout the process.

Covering Camera Lens

We will cover up the camera lenses from the inside with a material, prevents the camera from being functional.

Complete Camera Removal

Our technicians will remove the camera from the phone entirely. The remaining hole will then be sealed with epoxy. The camera lens will be returned to you.

Oppo Camera Repair / Replacement

Opt for a camera replacement or repair If you notice a crack on your camera lens or blurry spots on the pictures taken with your phone. We can fix both the front (selfie) and back camera for Oppo smartphones.

If the camera app appears to freeze or lag after taking a photo, this might be a motherboard or water damage issue rather than the camera itself. 

Oppo Motherboard Repair

Do you experience issues like an unresponsive Oppo touchscreen? Or cannot charge or switch on your phone as per normal? Your motherboard might be faulty.

Given the complexity and cost of motherboard repairs, most third-party service providers do not offer this repair service. At Mobile Life, we have the tools and expertise to solve even the most complicated motherboard problems.

We typically do not recommend a complete motherboard replacement, as this results in a 100% data loss. Data loss is unlikely for motherboard repairs. A motherboard repair is a different service from a motherboard replacement. Regardless of the repair service centre you visit, getting a motherboard replaced is more expensive than opting to repair your motherboard.

Oppo Battery Replacement

If you notice your battery draining faster than usual, or overheating when in use, these are strong indicators you might need a battery replacement.

Especially if you have been using your Oppo smartphone for more than 365 charge cycles (roughly corresponding to a year of daily charging), it might be time to get a battery replacement. It is natural for phone batteries to deplete and require a battery replacement over time.

If you notice a bloated battery on your Oppo mobile phone, for safety reasons please don’t wait and get a battery replacement as soon as possible. 

Rest assured that our Grade-A batteries perform on par with original Oppo batteries, ensuring no compromises in quality.

If your Oppo battery percentage is not increasing despite the screen showing that your phone is charging, or if your phone cannot switch on despite charging, this may be linked to a charging port issue instead of the battery itself.

Oppo LCD Replacement

Dropped your phone and now have a cracked screen? Or see green lines on your screen after some Android software updates? Fret not, these are common issues plaguing Oppo smartphone users, and we typically fix them under 60 minutes.

What is the difference between a Screen and LCD Replacement?

Screen Replacement

A screen replacement is a simple procedure. It’s required only when the Oppo’s touch screen is still responsive and functional, and the LCD does not have any visible lines, scratches, or marks.

It is crucial to get your cracked screen replaced. Using a phone with a cracked screen may further damage the screen or LCD, further complicating repairs. It may also pose safety risks to the user.

LCD Replacement

If the touch screen is faulty, or lagging, or if there is a visible crack or mark on the LCD itself, an LCD replacement is needed to restore functionality to your Oppo mobile phone. An LCD replacement takes about 45 minutes to repair and can be done on the spot. 

Screen and LCD replacements are considered separate repair processes, so it’s essential that you accurately determine the issue at hand. If you are still unsure, drop by our stores or contact us online. You can consult our technicians who will accurately diagnose the issue for you.

Oppo Water Damage Repair

Accidentally dropped your Oppo smartphone in the water or left it in the rain? We recommend you seek help immediately to prevent potential phone repair complications due to water damage and corrosion.

Oppo Phones Water Damage Repair Process

It’s difficult to determine the extent of water damage on your Oppo device and it’s associated repair prices at the initial stages. Please expect our technicians to provide ongoing advice 

while your phone is being repaired.

Some Oppo smartphones come with a liquid damage indicator found inside the nano-SIM card slot. Our technicians will use this to evaluate the extent of water damage while conducting additional voltage tests of other components of your phone. 

In some cases, a chemical wash may suffice for repairs to prevent further damage caused by corrosion. Otherwise, our technicians will inform you should there be a need to replace any faulty parts. We prioritise transparency and will discuss any necessary replacements for your Oppo mobile phone before proceeding accordingly.

Water damage repair services for Oppo phones are most effective if your phone has briefly been submerged in fresh water. If your Oppo device comes into contact with salt water, coffee, or other beverages, the chances of a successful repair are much lower.

Oppo Back Glass Replacement

If you see a visible crack on the back glass of your Oppo smartphone, you might need a back glass replacement. 

Please check that your Oppo screen display and LCD are fully functional. Your LCD and screen should not have visible marks, lines, or cracks. Your Oppo smartphone should also switch on and charge as per normal.

Should you encounter charging issues despite plugging it into power, you may need to get your charging port repaired or replaced.

If your Oppo mobile phone has issues with the front glass, screen, or display, you may need a screen or LCD replacement instead.

Oppo Charging Port Repair

Repairing your charging port is relatively simple and takes around 30 minutes to repair. Opt to repair your charging port if you face these issues:

You Can’t Charge Your Phone As Per Normal

Opt for this repair service if your phone doesn’t charge despite plugging it into power, you don’t see the charging icon pop up, or if your phone charges only at a certain angle.

Before requesting a repair, please test your cable on other Oppo smartphones to eliminate the possibility of a faulty cable.

Your Microphone Is Not Working Properly

As your phone’s microphone is located on the charging port board, a faulty charging port would result in a faulty microphone. 

Should your Oppo mobile phone heat up despite being idle, you might be experiencing issues with your phone battery instead.


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Humming Bee (Mobile Life Bishan)

Polite & Experienced Technicians

Wonderful service and excellent quality checks. Went there to replace my screen protector and cover. Melvin was very attentive, polite and careful, ensuring the screen protector was carefully laid and even rejected a few pieces when he noticed defects on them. Helped me clean my phone and happily attended to my request to brush out the dirt in my speaker holes. Honest and diligent. Fully recommend this stall. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

R L (Mobile Life Bishan)

Trusted, Friendly & Zero Data Loss

My iPhone X blacked out on Friday evening. Did not expect sales counter service to remember me but Melvin was professional and assuring in his repair proposal and quote. I can say their offer was way more competitive than 2 other well known outlets I checked with. Best of all, my iPhone was successfully repaired with no data loss and seems to work better now than before. Will continue be a loyal customer and recommend friends as well!!

P P (Mobile Life Serangoon)

Excellent, Patient & Polite

This shop was recommended by my daughter's classmate. Would like to compliment on Danny who provided excellent service. He is patience, polite & able to give sound technical advice. Thank you 👍🙏